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On Fridays, I am one half of the Orange Gears team. This April, we launched our first Android app in the Netherlands: Stample, a location-based collection game. Time for an overview!

The Basics

Stample is a mobile app that allows you to collect virtual stamps--- not the kind you stick onto a letter, but the kind you get in your passport when you travel. We have hidden these stamps at real-world locations. If Stample is installed on your mobile device, all you need to do is be at such a location, and you'll be notified automatically. Tap the screen to collect your stamp!

Put differently, Stample is a location-based game at its purest: simply travel around and receive rewards. Naturally, the exact stamp locations are a secret. We've added extra components like trading and achievements to make the game more appealing.

The trailer below explains the main idea of Stample, in Dutch. Currently, all stamp locations are in the Netherlands, so we focus on a Dutch audience when promoting the app.

Dit is leuk: Stample!

Developer Details

The two of us worked as programmers on this project (because that's what we were programmed to do), and I doubled up as the artist. I'm proud of what we've achieved in both aspects. Android programming is a heavily dynamic process: during development, many new versions of Android (and its documentation) have appeared, and the preferred app structure has changed entirely since late 2011. I guess keeping up with technical changes was (and is) the biggest challenge of all. I'm looking at you too, Facebook! ;)

As for the artwork, each stamp should look like it was pressed onto the screen using an actual rubber stamp. To achieve this, a stamp starts out as a vector image with only black shapes. Whenever I finish a drawing, we export the image to a PNG and apply our secret stamp texture. All stamps receive an appropriate default color, but users are free to personalize the colors in their collection. Below are 3 of my personal favourites. Don't tell anyone I showed them to you!

Example Stamp 1 Example Stamp 2 Example Stamp 3

Some examples of stamps. Can you guess which Dutch locations they represent?

What's Next?

If it's up to us, this won't be the last thing you'll hear from Orange Gears. We have more projects in mind, but it depends a bit on Stample's effects during the coming weeks and months. Chances are it will be a mixture of supporting/improving Stample and building other fun things.

Interested? Check out the following links:

Written on May 5, 2014, 11:57 AM - Add a comment

Category: Art Category: Programming Category: Games Category: --- Category: About me

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