I have always been interested in computer games. The Game and Media Technology MSc programme at Utrecht University taught me to think about games and their algorithms in a mathemetical and scientifically critical way. Combined with an ever-growing personal interest, it has led me to creating a number of small games that are worth displaying.

My favourite game projects up until now are listed below. If a project has a corresponding blog article, you can click on its title or preview image to read more.


Stample (2014)

With Stample on your Android device, you can collect virtual stamps by visiting interesting real-world locations. View your collection on an interactive map, trade stamps with friends, and collect achievements! I was a programmer and the artist in our two-man team Orange Gears.

Keywords: Android, Java, location-based game, stamp art


Briquid (2013)

"A new puzzle sensation has arrived and it's called Briquid! Build bricks, remove them, or change the direction of gravity to get the water to the reservoir." In a team assembled by game publisher Gamious, I worked on the graphics of this addictive tablet puzzler.

Keywords: graphics, minimalism, puzzle

Dragon Slayer, Chapter I: Quest for the Burger

Dragon Slayer, Chapter I: Quest for the Burger (2010)

A text adventure game (parody) in C++, as a game engine programming exercise.

Keywords: text adventure, C++, game engine programming, file handling

The Cards of Circus Phlavio

The Cards of Circus Phlavio (2008)

Save the circus by freeing the captured spirits of its performers. After development, the Circus Phlavio universe turned into a treasured "baby" of mine. This is the game that started it all.

Keywords: platformer, RPG, game design, balancing, 2D sprites, Game Maker Language

Treasure of Triangle Island

Treasure of Triangle Island (2007)

Who says games need to be digital? A typical design challenge is to create a well-balanced game, especially if players have different roles. This board game is an example!

Keywords: board game, game design, balancing

Dungeon Escape

Dungeon Escape (2005)

Prove yourself a worthy pebble-throwing knight by traversing all floors of a test dungeon, filled with death traps, pixel-precise jumps, and sadistically placed arrows.

Keywords: platformer, 2D sprites, Game Maker Language

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